Alexandra’s spring break

The evening we arrived at Alexandria (after Chicago), I watched not only ‘Argo’, which is a really good movie, (it’s based on a historical event. In 1979 the American embassy got into the Iran hostage crisis. This movie is showing the escape of six U.S. diplomats and I really recommend it!!) but also ‘Total Recall’. The next day we watched ‘Skyfall’ and ‘The men in the ledge’. These are also pretty good movies! Equally important is the fact that I skyped with my Russian grand-parents and my best friend Jacob. Furthermore I went to Indianapolis with my host family (Brent) and we dined at the Hard Rock Café, where I saw an original jacket of Elvis Presley and John Lennon! I had a hot chocolate at Starbucks and lemonade at Spring Grove. In addition we went to the Eiteljorg museum. There was an exhibition about guitars and Western Art of American Indians. In the evening we went to the cinema (G.I. Joe<3).
At 2 a.m. on Saturday, 30th we left for Georgia (Warner Robins). We arrived at Marikays (aunt-sister of Leah) house at 2 p.m. and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of her house and the weather (82 degres)!!! We colored eggs and I brought Russian stuff, which wraps around them. It was really hard for me, because she’s really religious and I wasn’t allowed to cuss (not even ‘oh my god/lord’)! On Easter I was the Easter bunny and brought German Candy. First we went to a huge and modern Baptist Church. The pastor, a really wise man, made me cry, because I was very touched by his speech. We sang with lyrics on screens and there was live-music. Then we watched ‘Matrix revolution’ and ‘Matrix reloaded’. And finally I tanned in the sun!<3
On the 1st of April we had a lot of fun! APRIL FOOLS!! 😀 Lexy was quite mean, because she stuck transparent tape on the door, so that when somebody was walking into the room he was peeing his pants and fell. Then the second April fool was from Leah (host mom). She downloaded an alarm on her phone and started it off. We went into the house and thought that the house alarm went off. I called Marikay, because I was freakin’ scared, not only because the police would be coming in two minutes, but also because she told us the day before, that it is expensive if it is an accident. We did yoga and we went shopping a lot.
Then on April 2nd we got up early, because of the BIG surprise: we went to FLORIDA! We rented a house on the Mexican Beach and I was so excited! I couldn’t believe it! I jumped all the time and was shouting: ‘How can you be so quiet??!’ It was extremely warm (85 degres) and we went to the beach for tanning. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico and it was so warm! I collected shells and we had a great time together!!! The last two days of Spring break I went to two bonfires at Lexy’s friends’ house. To sum it up into seven words: IT WAS THE BEST SPRING BREAK EVER!
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